English slang – I Heard it through the grapevine 道听途说. 以蛾传蛾

Hi everybody, I have posted an article entitled “English slang- I heard it through the grapevine“. Find out the meaning of the slang and part of the lyrics of the popular American pop song of the same title and the Spanish and Chinese translations thereof.

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Word of Mouth, Boca a baca 口碑载道

All of the above three phrases essentially have the same meaning. Find out more how to use them and examples thereof at my blog at Weebly.com.


Chinese is the easiest language in the world

I just published an article on the subject. Please find that out what my friends and I said on the subject. Please click here

My thoughts on Venezuela’s likely censorship of the internet

It looks like Venezuela is following China’s example as Chavez is likely to impose control over the internet. I have written on the subject at my blog and on how Hong Kong, notwithstanding being part of China, has probably the freeest press in the world. Read about it at my blog at Weebly.com

指桑骂槐 Pointing at the mulberry tree but cursing the locust tree

As I said before, I will be writing more at my blog at Weebly. I am putting my blog here and my 163.com blog together into one and hope that both sets of my friends, Chinese and foreigners, can have more interactions. The reason I moved my blog to Weebly is that it is accessible in China, while WordPress was blocked, on and off. Needless to say. I do not like the idea of internet censorship. I wrote about it at Weebly. One of my friends shared my view and said that what the authorities doing was 自欺欺人 (cheating yourself and cheating others) and asked me to write about this idiom. Of course, I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to annoy the authorities and get myself into trouble. I don’t want to move my blog once more time. The worst case scenario is that Weebly would end up like WordPress.

I know my fellow Chinese friend, like me, love our country, but some of us just do not agree with everything that it does and like to criticise it out of our love of the country. Learning from ancient Chinese wisdom, I think a good way to do so without getting into trouble is using one of the famous “smart ass strategies” dating back to 500 AD 指桑骂槐.  Learn more about this  by clicking the link below. For those want to learn about this Chinese idiom come visit me there too.


登鹳雀楼 On the stork tower

I have posted the above poem at my weebly blog. Check it out.


The Qing Ming Festival 清眀节 The Tomb Sweeping Day

Next Monday, 5th of April, is the Chinese Qing Ming festival, or Tombs Sweeping day, which coincides with the Easter Monday. It is a tradition on that day that we pay respects to our ancestors or those loved ones who passed away. Ancient Chinese wisdom never fails. As our famous poet Du Mu, in his poem of the same title relevantly wrote “ceaseless drizzles drip all the dismal day”. The weather around that day is almost guarantee to be damp, windy, drizzling and etc.. This year is likely to be no exception. You can see from the picture that I took at one o’clock in the afternoon today from my window looking outside, the weather was sheer miserable. Read more about the festival and the famous poem at my blog. Click here.