Difficulties encountered

What difficulties foreigners encountered to write Chinese? What would help solve these difficulties? Asked by Brandon Zin

Chinese character is more difficult than others because you have to learn how to draw it and don’t make little mistakes. To learn english you just need to learn 26 letters, in spanish 27 and all the letters are mixed, in chinese you have to learn an less 5000 characters for survive . The way to solve these difficulties depends of the ability and capacity of the student. (Replied by jdavp 3/17/2008)

So the key is to increase one’s recognition of chinese characters or the guessing capabilities. I think learning chinese by radicals 部首 and pictography 象形, as a supplement to pinyin, would help a lot. It is particularly so for beginners or casual learners Learning chinese by pinyin alone is no fun at all. I see a great number of foreigners give up because of that. Don’t you agree? (Commented by Brandon Zin 3/17/2008)


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