Would Radicals and Pictographs Help?

你认为以 部首 及 象形 方式去配合拼音会否有助外囯朋友学习中文?
Do you think “Radicals” and “Pictographs” to be used in conjunction with Pinyin would help foreigners learn Chinese (Brandon Zin asked on 3/18/08)


I personally think that Radicals and Pictographs would help foreigners understand Chinese a lot, especially Pictographs. Many of the current Chinese characters are picto-phonetic compounds, which comprise two parts: a pictograph, which suggests the general meaning of the character, and a phonetic part, which is derived from a character pronounced in the same way as the word the new character represents. Basically, if a foreigner can memorise such phonetic parts it would help him learn Chinese a lot. As a Chinese idiom says “To learn a word don’t learn the (whole) word, but first learn half of the word”. “Half of the Word” here refers to memorizing the phonetic part thereof. (Qinqin replied on 3/20/08)


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