History of Hong Kong In a Nutshell

Below is my reply to my friend mamidbracelona on her question about the history of Hong Kong:

….Hong Kong {HK} got an interesting history. China ceded HK about 150 years ago to Britain during the Qing dynasty due to the loss in the opium war. HK was a barren land at that time and Qing dynasty did not even know it existed. Since then China has gone through a long period of turmoil, the invasion of foreign countries, civil wars, the 1st and 2nd world wars and the communists take-over etc. HK survived nonetheless thanks to the protection of the British and HK became a haven for refugees from China.

HK people thought the honyemoon was over when China in the 1980s wanted HK back, However, in order to maintain the status quo, China let Britain ruled HK until 1997 and sealed “an agreement” with Britain promising to keep HK as an autonomous region for 50 years from 1997. Prior to 1997, quite a lot of HK people sought citizenship overseas due to their mistrust of the communist China at the time. We thank God that China so far leaves HK alone, so long as we don’t make trouble. Meanwhile, China is trying to be a good world citizen.

HK now has a population of 7 million, all crammed into a little city which you won’t even notice on the map. It is now the third most important financial centre in the world after New York and London.

So it is the history of HK in a nutshell. I hope HK’s future would not be as interesting as its past. No change is good.


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