My Experience of Learning a Language Through Internet

A lot of my italki friends from time to time asked me where and how did I learn Spanish. I told them I learned it entirely through the internet. It is true. I would like to share my experience thereof with you.

I understand the difficulties that some of my friends have in learning Chinese. I do not mean difficulties with the language per se but due to logistical difficulties. I was once told by a friend of Chile that he could not go to the school in a far away village to study Chinese as it would take him three hours to go there. Another friend, from Costa Rica, told me he had to quit his Chinese classes as his mother could not afford to pay his tuition any more. Recently, I was asked by a friend of Spain to teach him Chinese. He showed on my webcam an worn out Chinese lesson book, which was given to him by a Chinese who ran a Chinese restaurant in his town. One of the sentences, he asked me to teach him was 我们跳舞(Shall we dance?). I taught him anyway, but I teased him that he would never have a chance to use it.

Nowadays if you want to learn a new language, look no further than the internet. Everything is there, it is free and it is up to date. When I first learned Spanish, I used the website,,a lot. It taught single word pronunciation and simple grammar of Spanish. I then used, which had detailed translation of Spanish word by word and most beautiful of all it had a special section for the conjugation of virtually each and every Spanish verb. I now listen to BBC Mundo a lot and especially “Estudio Abierto”. I can even watch the soap opera “el clon” in Spanish on You-tube episode by by episode, some 1000 episodes in all.

Happy learning

2 Responses

  1. I completely agree with what you say Bandon. in the Internet have everything, vocabulary, dictionaries, grammar, examples, foros of students or teachers, until you can talk to speakers of natural languages.There is only do a little search and continue with the old trick of translating trials and feelings in this code so rare called language.

  2. I just visited It’s fantastic! Thanks for the great post. I had been looking for days, trying to find a way to learn Spanish inexpensively, and was about to spend too much money. Then I found this post.

    Thanks again.

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