Hong Kong: The Concrete Jungle

My friends from time to time asked me what city of Hong Kong do I live in. Hong Kong is the city and the “state” as well. Hong Kong is only geographically divided into the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. I live in Kornhill of the Hong Kong Island. When I told that to a friend of mine from Ecuador, he sent me a Google map of Kornhill. He was surprised by all those tall buildings in the area. Right, I live in an apartment within a 30 storeys building, which, however, is literally dwarfed by the newly completed 60 to 70 storeys apartment buildings in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a population of 7 million people and a size of 1104 square kilometres. Whereas the country of my friend above, Ecuador, has a population of 13.7 million and a size of 256,370 square kilometres. Please imagine the Hong Kong’s population density of 6,352 persons/sq. km. comparing to Ecuador’s 53.8 persons/sq. km..

With this high population density, Hong Kong has no choice but to build tall buildings. It is the reason why Hong Kong is known as “The Concrete Jungle”. The tallest building in Hong Kong is “Two International Finance Centre”, which is a 88 storeys commercial building. The tallest residential building is of 75 storeys tall, known as “Sorrento 1”.

These tall buildings make Hong Kong a spectacular scene at night. Watch this
A Symphony of Lights video produced by the Hong Kong Tourists Association. You will be thrilled!!

One Response

  1. By the way, I find IFC 2 a very nice building.
    I have another video link of A Symphony of Lights: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/S63f4nkmVr8/
    Although it was unprofessionally filmed by some tourists, I think it would stimulate others well enough to visit Hong Kong to see the ‘live show’. LOL. I guess it’ll be even more splendid during the Christmas season with extra fireworks.

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