Half bucket full 半桶水

I always fancy to write something in public and that some one unknown to me would read it.  As a Hong Konger (someone born and raised in Hong Kong), I pride myself as being bilingual in Chinese and English. That said, like most Hong Kongers, I am 半桶水  (half bucket full) at both languages.  It is obvious two half full buckets do not make me a good writer in either language. Recently, I started to learn Spanish.  So now I am one-third bucket full in Spanish and half bucket full in the other two languages.

I would never imagine that I could write publicly in Chinese or in English. But this blogmania gives me the courage to do so. Think about it, the worst come to the worst is that nobody reads it, but I would have nothing to lose since blogging is free. Now I got this crazy idea is that if I could write a blog that caters to the Chinese, English and Spanish speaking audiences I would have a potetial audience of 1 out of 2 people in this world or may be more. And if 1 out of a million of them read my blog, I would be a huge success. One day I hope I would repeat this story again and end it by saying “the rest is history”.  So God please help me make this blog  a success.

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