Fight bias with bias 以毒供毒 or 以暴易暴

One of  my friends posted  a video on and invited other friends to make comments on it. The video blamed the recent misfortunes of China on the west and accused the western medias for being biased.  It further called for the Chinese people to stand up and fight the west.

The video, no doubt, is an entertaining one, but a watcher should treat it that way and nothing more. In passing I think it is a good piece of material for our italki friends for learning Chinese because it was fitted with Chinese and English titles, although the English left much to be desired.  The video itself is one of the most biased pieces of “reporting” I have ever seen.  Was the author of the video provoking “fight bias with bias” 以毒供毒 (literally means fight poison with poison) or fight violence with violence 以暴易暴?

My Spanish friends from time to time asked  me about my opinion on the “Tibet issue”. I have made known to them that, being a Han Chinese (汉族人),  I am all for “Tibet being part of China”. However, many of the Tibetans definitely feel otherwise. I think the Central Government of China has been or will treat the Tibetans fairly and squarely, just as what it has been doing to Hong Kong. That said, the grievances of the Tibetans deserve to be heard. According to the Chinese Foriegn Ministry the door is open for a dialogue with Dalai Lama subject to certain conditions. I think both sides should sit down and talk and resolve the matters amicably instead of being distracted by side issues. 

Readers are reminded of the “The seven steps verse 七歩诗” of 曹植, which I put up in my blog on April 13 2008. The relevant part of the poem says”本是同根生,相煎何太急?” (Born are we of the same root, brother, should you now burn me with such disregard?). 

I feel this poem applies to the disputes among neighbouring countries of my Spanish friends. 

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