Western medias: China bashing?

This is a sequel to my blog on “Fight bias with bias”.  In the video in question, the author accused the western medias for being biased towards China especially in the Tibet fiasco.  The video showed that the Chinese Han people in Tibet were being beaten up by Tibetans and their shops were being vandalised. Those clips were the same as those I saw on CCTV (the China National TV) and I do not believe that they have been doctored. If any one had seen those clips one would not be on the Tibetans’ side. Then why the western media were on the Tibetans side?  I do not think the western medias were entirely to be blamed.

The western medias were not given an opportunity to report the fiasco on the scene as they were barred by the Chinese authorities to do so. As a matter of fact the outside medias, including Hong Hong journalists, were ordered to leave Tibet soon after the roits broke out. To voice their discontent. Hong Kong reporters through the Hong Kong Journalists Association in its March report issued a terse statement protesting the way that they were treated by the China authorities. I can see how the western medias, like CNN, BBC and the likes, got ticked off and, under the circumstances, they wrote negatively about the incident and most of their readers could only see it in the same perspective. My question is: why can’t the China authority let the outside medias go to Tibet? 

With the benefit of seeing the reporting of the incident from both sides, I could see it objectively, but honestly, I still have not formed a definite view yet. 

The Olympic torch is coming to Hong Kong about 9 days from now. Stay tuned.






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  1. But at the same time, the western media have said next-to-nothing about the Dalai Lama’s suggestion of Tibet being an SAR like HK and Macau. Of course, it’s politics…

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