Learn a new language through blogging

I am returning to write this blog after taking a hiatus for over a year. I am now semi-retired or should I say I am unemployed. I am now working as a consultant for a US corporation advising them matters in relation to the China market. So I have more free time to write my blog and learn Spanish. As you can see most of  my friends  are Spanish speaking persons. I use this blog as a forum to help my Latino friends to learn Chinese or English. I have a few Chinese friends to help me.

I wish all my Spanish and Chinese friends could blog in one blog. The problem is that almost all of the international social nets such as WordPress, Google blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc are not available in China. I have recently started a new blog at 163.com (please click here). I made a lot of Chinese friends there and I have asked them to help my Spanish friends with their Chinese. That blog site is real nice, or as nice as WordPress, but the problem is that the instructions are all in Chinese. Sorry, my Spanish friends I don’t think you can understand those instructions (yet).  However, please check out that blog from time to time and I know you would enjoy it. I hope one day I could unite the two blogs and we could blog like one happy family in one blog.  Nonetheless I would try to write contemporaneously at both sides. If you have any questions on learning English or Chinese, please drop a few lines at this blog and I will answer them.

I know my Spanish is not up to scratch and would never be able to write a blog in Spanish despite my Spanish friends’ help.  So I will write in English.  My friends, you may write in Spanish or a hybrid of English and Spanish or even Chinese. I can understand you.

I think learning a new language in a conventional way is boring. The best way and the fun way is to learn the languages by blogging. It is a free style learning. I can help you with your English or Chinese and you can help me with my Spanish. It is a win win situation.
These few days Hong Kong is having extremely good weather. It is sunny, dry and breezy and clear blue sky. I went out and walked around the city yesterday. I took the below picture in front of an European restaurant in Wanchai.  The restaurant is formerly a pawn shop built many many years ago. As you can see the name of the restaurant is “The pawn”. I think the HK government has done a good job in preserving this building, which is a heritage of the city. Such heritage can rarely be found in Hong Kong as land is such a rare commodity here. If the government were to tear it down and build 80 floors building, the site could easily fetch billions of US dollars. Thumbs up to the HK government.
The pawn restaurant at Wanchai
photo (2)

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