Hong Kong, a city of lights

Before I introduce the subject of today’s blog, I have to thank my friends for their support to the blog. I have sent invitations to some of my friends of Italki and LiveMocha. Some of them have shown their immediate support. Once again, I am grateful to them. This gives me the endurance to continue to write this blog. I may have made it sounds like a big thing, but I know blogging needs persistence, because there may be a lot of things to be written about in the first week or two and then they run out after a while and the enthusiasm dies down. I will endeavor to write a blog a day. I really need your continuous supports.

I like to write my blog at the weird hours in the morning, like 2 or 3 am. It is nice and quite and I can gather the thoughts as to what happened in the day and write about it. Yesterday, when I finished the blog, it was already 5 am. For a person of my age, I don’t need to sleep much. Coupled with my  iPhone, I am available 24/7 (24 hours a day and 7 days a week) . So if you can’t sleep, you know you could have some one to talk to (Judy, please note Hong Kong, a city of lights - brandonzin - Brandon Zin Blog ).

I have quite a few intimate friends at Italki or LiveMocha, although I have never met them before. They often tell me their personal affairs. They confide in me probably due to my age and I am married. Rest assured that I won’t divulge your secrets here or to any one, unless with your permission or you have made them known openly, for instance, you have already done so in your blogs or others.

I have another blog at 163.com, which caters to the Chinese readers. The reason I do so is that 163.com as WordPress is not available in China. Further, my Chinese are more comfortable with the 163.com system as it is catered to the Chinese blogger. I will try to write contempraneously at both blogs. Hopefully, the path of the two sets of bloggers would cross and one day both could blog in one blog like one big family.

Yesterday, I wrote that land in Hong Kong is a rare commodity as Hong Kong is a small city with a population of 7 million people. Further, mountains account for the majority of the land mass. Therefore the “buildable” land in Hong Kong is rare. This is the reason why new buildings, both commercial and residential, are over 60 storeys high. Buildings are virtually constructed on top of each other, especially on the Hong Kong island side, as they are built along the slope of the mountain. These building make spectacular sights in the evening when the lights of the buildings are on. The Hong Kong Tourism Association each year carries out an event called “A symphony of lights”. This nightly spectacle combines interactive lights of 44 buildings on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with musical effects to showcase the vibrancy and glamorous vista of Victoria Harbour.

Click here to see the show.

A symphony of lights

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  1. Hi, friend!
    I didn’t know you had mentioned A Symphony of Lights here, my personal favourite. It’s very beautiful to see, indeed. I also didn’t realise that you’ve been spending you much time and energy in your blog, a real writer! I hope everyone knows what this blog means. Good luck, my friend!

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