A walk up Mount Parker

Today was another beautiful day in Hong Kong. It was a balmy 23 degree centigrade during the day and unusually dry too. I capitalized on the nice weather and took a walk along the trail up the mountain behind my apartment building. The mountain is known as Mount Parker and the trail I walked is part of the trail which circles around the whole of HK island. It is not difficult to find mountains to trek in HK as they are everywhere. The mountains are mostly high and covered with forestations of trees of different species. Along the trail, it is not difficult to find beautiful and blossoming flowers despite the fact that it is now almost winter. When I got up to the top of the mountain, I could see the whole of eastern Hong Kong. I took a picture of the aerial view of that part of Hong Kong. You can see from the photo tall buildings clustering around each other. That is Hong Kong. Don’t underestimate those buildings, which may look like squatters to you. However, a lot of those flats at those buildings are worth millions of Hong Kong dollars (I live in one of them, but a small one). Hong Kong is well known for its expensive property prices. As a matter of a fact an apartment in Hong Kong just set a world record price for an apartment in October. The 6000 square feet (557 square meter) apartment was sold at an astronautical price (天价)of US$9,200 per square foot or US$99,000 per meter




I on the trail


An aerial of eastern HK


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