China, one big blogging country and my related experience

I think China has the largest blogging community in the world, although I have no official figures to back me up. With a population of 1.3 billion people, the country bounds to have more bloggers than any other country. According to the China Daily published on 31 October 2009 the number of bloggers reached 182 million. In other words, as said by the paper, there is one blogger among every seven Chinese. I do not think any other countries can beat that number of bloggers in absolute term.

I, about two weeks ago, started a blog at, which is one of the largest blog sites in China. Despite my novice experience, I can feel the sheer number of bloggers in that country. It seems that every one has his own blog. I think the demography of the nation has a lot to do with that. Due to the country’s one child policy, many of the Chinese youngsters do not have siblings whom they can talk to. Likewise many of the workers, both manual and non-manual, are migrated workers, i.e. they are far away from home, so it is difficult for them to talk to their family members. Therefore, blogging becomes a convenient venue for them to air their grievances or tell their feelings or their personal lives.

One may argue what China has, as far as bloggers are concerned, is the number but not the substance. I would agree with that. According to an article in the China Daily dated 14th April 2009 entitled “Stumbling blog“. many Chinese are doing a blog as a novelty, after a while the interest thereof just dies down. The article said as per the 23rd Statistical Report on Internet Development in China, released by the China Internet Network Information Center in January 2009, 54.3 percent of Chinese netizens or 162 million people were using blogs by the end of last year, however, the report also showed that only 35.2 percent were updated within six months, meaning that most bloggers are not at all active.

So much for the statistics, let me write about my blogging experience at Although I just started two weeks ago, I enjoy every bit of it. I have more interactions with the readers there. I have a young lady named Jenny who has been leaving paragraphs of messages in English at my blog every day and at least twice a day since I started it. She wrote about her life as a single mother raising a kid in a little town in Hunan and about her foreigner boyfriend and how lonely she is and how tough life can be. I know Jenny is practicing her English, but that does not make her writings less interesting. Further, there is a little girl named Apple who only knows a handful of English and uses an electronic translater to help her communicate with me in English. She called me grand dad and I do not mind that.

As I am learning Spanish, I have many Spanish speaking internet friends. A Spanish friend of mine, named Manuel, who knew less than 10 characters in Chinese, was able to access to my blog and dropped a few lines in Spanish there despite the fact that is a Chinese version only site. I am now getting excited. The reason is that I have a new friend named Nova, who is a university student majoring in Spanish, started to write at my blog in Spanish. As you can see I do not have a lot of followers at my blog there, but the type of followers are quite diverse. I think blogging in China is a lot of fun and a different experience. Besides there is a huge audience out there. You should try it.


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