One man’s poison is another man’s meat

That is what I amounted to say yesterday, when I put up  a post about eating poisonous snakes.

I, and most Chinese do, find that snake meats or snake soups tasteful and good for health. I can understand that some people feel otherwise.

A few of my friends found the said post distasteful (see the reverse pun). If I have  caused uneasiness to them, I must apologize.

If you are an ophidiophobia (snakephobia) or you find snake soup not your cup of tea, or bowl of soup,  please skip the next post.


2 Responses

  1. Hey my Friend I really I like it what did you say.
    [hehehehe] did you mean to >ME ?

    [hahahahaha] But I really Like it I would like to tell you please post something In Bengali culture if you don’t mind I can help you for this if you want it ’cause many Chinese didn’t know about my culture

    enjoy more “its your life make it LARGE”

    • Subrata, my friend, I agree with you. We do not know too much about the Bengali culture. Sure, tell us more about your country and the culture.

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