A Tranquil Night, by the great Chinese poet Li Bai

Here is another poet by one of the two greatest ancient Chinese poets, Li Bai (李白) (701-762).  It wrote about a person, in a far away land could not get into sleep, staring out of the window and watching the moon, thought that it was frost on the ground, which made him missed home more. I have put up a photo of the of the moon taken by modern technology. If you look at it, the white stuff on the moon really looks like frost. Did our great poet have eyes of a telescope and a mind of a modern scientist.

A Tranquil Night 《静夜思》

床前明月光   Abed, I see a silver light,
疑是地上霜   wonder if it’s frost aground.
举头望明月  Looking up, I find the moon bright; 举头望明月
低头思故乡  Bowing, in homesickness I”m drowned.

Li Bai 李白

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