If there is a will there is a way 有志者事竟成

When I re-activated my blog at WordPress in October 2009, I have indicated my intention that I wanted to bring the Chinese and Spanish speaking peoples to blog in one place. Of course it included the English speakers too as I am one of them. It was impossible at the time as WordPress was blocked in China. So it seemed no way for me to reach out to my Chinese friends. Thanks to the introduction by a Chinese friend at LiveMocha, I came to know of the blog site 163.com. Although the latter was designed primarily for Chinese language users, I find it very English friendly. As a matter of fact, I find it, to a certain extent, better than WordPress as it has a lot of the gadgets pre-installed. Besides, it got a lot of my friends’ beautiful pictures in the first page, which make it more interesting. The problem is, at I said earlier, that it is all in Chinese. I have a Spanish friend who wanted to join my blog, but to no avail, because, although he is learning Chinese, he could not understand all the Chinese instructions to be able to register.

During the course of my making friends at Italki and Livemocha for the past few months I see that increasingly more Chinese are learning Spanish and more Spanish speakers are learning Chinese. I have a lot of Chinese friends at 163.com and I have a lot of Spanish speakers friends at WordPress. However, it seems almost impossible to bring the peoples of the two languages together. However, as the title of this post suggested, if there is a will there is a way. It is clear my will is there, now I have to find a way. Now I have a way, which is that I am going to start a new blog at another blog site and the name of the blog is bzin2.weebly.com, which is accessible in China. My friends please visit my blog there and feel free to blog. But please…….no politics, otherwise, it will end up like my WordPress blog.


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