I am Brandon Zin of Hong Kong, a special administrative of China. We have an independent political, legal and financial system from Mainland China. Hong Kong is a former colony of Britain, which makes Hong Kong unique that it has a heritage with strong European connections.

Tell you the truth Brandon Zin is only my pseudonym. It is a unique name, at least I have no problem registering it with MSN, Google and Yahoo and this site.  My aspiration is to make myself a household name in Blog. You think I am full of it. Is that what blogging is all about: to express oneself and speak one’s mind?

I’m semi-retired after a 20 years stint with a British law firm in Hong Kong. Coupled with my 4 years college education in the US and 4 years residence in Canada I can write in and speak English like a native person.  I can teach you English or help you improve the related language skill.

I am now working as a China consultant for a US corporation. In the first 9 months of 2009 I have traveled to the US and Canada on 3 separate occasions and also to Shaghai, Taiwan, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Fuzhou Xiamen, Guangzhou & etc.. So have faith in me as to my language skill in Mandarin. I will from time to time to show you steps as to how to learn this language, which is totally  different from romantic languages such as English and Spanish.

I am learning Spanish and my Latino friends have been extremely helpful and have gone out of their ways to help me. No doubt about it, Spanish is a difficult language. I have learned the language for almost 3 years, but have not shown much improvement.

I love all kinds of music: jazz, classics, rock & roll, Latino, Cantopop & etc..

There are a lot of topics we can talk about.  You may write in your native language and I can understand. Let’s learn the respective languages through blogging, which should be fun.

21 Responses

  1. Hello Brando I pass here Hola amigo!

  2. Hola brandon, I like all you page. Your web site. I would like to do something like this.


    • Marha, my good friend. I am glad you like it. As a matter of fact I have another blog Would you be kind enough to do the part “Soy colombiana” so that my Chinese friends know more about your beautiful country. You can do it in an email or in a document and I can upload it to my blog.

  3. Hi Brandon,

    You got a great blog here. Thumbs up!
    Rgds, Carol from Malaysia.

  4. Hola Brandon!
    Muchas Felicidades por tu Blog!
    Recibe saludos desde Mèxico!

  5. My friend Brad of United States made the following comments

    I looked at your blog and it appears that you like hiking, too. I think you will agree that one secret to long life is exercise. Hiking allows one to exercise and experience many important things in life: flowers, animals, and personal suffering! Many of my hikes have involved sleeping in the snow many miles away from civilization.

    It is very admirable that you know English but even more importantly you are studying other Western languages. In college, I had many courses in Eastern philosophy including Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. At one point, I wanted to learn Mandarin but one of my teachers told me not to try unless I was willing to live in China. One can learn Spanish or French living and having grown up in a western country such as the U.S., but to learn an eastern language you must live there and feel the culture. He was the greatest teacher I have known. He was an American who studied in Buddhist temples and universities in Japan and China for twenty years and was fluent in Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Consequently he was very strict (almost cruel) as a teacher but he truly gave us a sense of the grandeur and discipline of the East. He tried very hard to make us understand Eastern ways of thinking but made sure we understood that we will never truly know it until we speak the language. Since I never could find a Chinese girlfriend in Oklahoma, I never tried. Now my brain is too old to learn it. Perhaps in my next lifetime. 😉

  6. Hola!
    Es un blog interesante, felicidades. Espero sigamos en contacto =).
    Hasta pronto.

  7. Hola, Brandon:

    Esta es la primera entrada que te hago pero no será la última. Creo que aprenderé algo del lejano Oriente leyendo tu blog. Me interesa mucho la historia de Asia y en concreto China, así que por aquí me tendrás de vez en cuando.

    Un abrazo desde España

  8. Hola, Brandon gracias por invitarme a tu blog que esta muy interesante, espero poder comunicarnos para poder aprender juntos, y te digo que el mandarin me llama mucho la atencion . Mis bendiciones y cuidate mucho Bye

  9. Hola Brandon, gracias por la vista de tu blog, me encantaría fuesemos amigos y compañeros de lenguajes, sabes que estoy para lo que necesites, abrazoss
    Best wishes

  10. Hola Brandon from Colombia

    Me encanta el misterioso y lejano Oriente y quiero conocerlo a traves de tu bonito blog, the same way quiero mejorar mi bad english.
    Tengo varias amigas de la China y son muy adorables, nos entendemos muy bien.
    Si tu quieres escuchar canciones en spanish puedes accesar a, claro k puedo traducirte letras de canciones,me fascina la música.

  11. Hola, esta muy bien tu blog, muy interesante, ya sabes que con el español, te puedo ayudar. Saludos.

  12. Hola Amigo!

  13. Hola brandon, de verdad está muy interesante el blog!

  14. Felicidades por tu blog!!!…

    Esta muy interesante, de verdad me gusta muchooo.

  15. Dear Brandon,

    I think this is a great blog! For me it is so contributing and a rich garden including culture and language. Nice to be here andshare!

    Un saludo de Turquia,

  16. hello, im rob from italkin … y me gustaría saber mas de la cultura de asi en mi niñes me gustaba muchos

    hablamos pronto

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