A walk in the Shing Mun Country Park 漫步城门郊野公园

Last Thursday, I walked the Shing Mun Country Park, which houses one of Hong Kong largest reservoirs. The walk was very relaxing. I took a few pictures and posted some of them here. You may notice that one of the pictures got a monkey in it. The reservoir is a popular breeding ground for monkeys, which have multiplied to such an extent that they sometimes they threaten the safety of passers-by. It is an offence in laws to feed the monkeys in the park.  It was the best picture I could take. I would not dare to get closer to the monkey. I was afraid that it would grab my camera. Worse than that it might grab my head.

上周四我到香港新界城门郊野公园漫步,位于该公园是香港其中一个最大的同名称 之水库,该天我步行得很轻松, 我在这里放上几张拍到的照片,其中一张你可以 看到一只猴子,该水库是猴子繁殖的地方,其数量曾多至对游人安全构成威胁,在该公园喂饲料给猴子是冒犯法律,该照片是我可拍到得最好,我若再走近些,我怕 被它抢走相机,更糟糕是我的头都给它抓到。

A trip to the Hong Kong Wetland Park 香港湿地公园一游

Last Thursday I went to the Hong Kong Wetland Park, which is a huge natural wetland situated adjacent to the border between Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Park is home to thousands species of fishes, water animals and insects and birds. It also provides a transit sanctuary to, may be, millions of migrating birds en route to the South before the dawning of the winter. On that day, it was cloudy, warm and humid, not a good day for a trip of such sort. However, a day away from the hectic city life of Hong Kong was a bliss anyway. I enjoyed it very much. As Hong Kong was turning into Spring, I could not see too many birds at the Park. I was told by a guide at the Park that the best time for birds watching there were the months of October or November each year. I took some photos with my iPhone, coupled with the cloudiness on that day, which photos did not do justice to the Park and me. Please read about the Park in English, Spanish and Chinese.

I also saw Pui Pui, the crocodile which enjoyed celebrity status when it was captured in 2004 (see photo above). Please read about the story of Pui Pui in English and Chinese.

上周四我到香港湿地公园一游,这是一个巨大天然湿地,位于香港与大陆边境毗邻,该 公园是数千品种水动物,昆虫和鸟类之家,它同时为数以百万计之候鸟提供过境庇护。当天天气多云,闷热和潮湿,并不是一个游该公园的好时间,但是可以离开香港繁嚣紧张生活一刻都是一件赏心乐事。由于香港已进入春季,在公园看不到太 多雀鸟,当天导游说最佳赏鸟的时间是每年的十月及十一月,我用我带去的iPhone拍了几张照片,加上当天多云拍到的照片效果不好,对湿地公园和我不公平。当天我还探访了鳄鱼贝贝(请看以上照 片),当年2004年它被捕时,新闻多多,有似明星般。

About Peru written by Randamo

Hello everybody. My nickname is Randamo, you can find me on livemocha.com, which is a web site where I hope to improve my English. But I’m here to tell you some things about my country, Perú. Perú is an interesting country located in South America. It’s interesting because it has many great landscapes, not to mention Macchu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Perú is a good place to do tourism. Perú has great rivers, such as Ucayali river and Amazonas river in the Jungle. Mantaro river in the mountains, Santa River in the coast. In the coast, Perú has nice beaches too. Personally, I prefer the peruvian jungle. There the people is very kind.